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James Vrooman
Glengarry Light Infantry

James Vrooman was the son of Adam, a Captain in Butler’s Rangers who was granted crown land in Queenston. He was the second youngest of seven children and youngest of five sons. His eldest brother was Solomon Secord Vrooman who was in the Lincoln Militia & who inherited his father’s land. He was born on 22 Apr 1794.

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Glengarry Light Infantry

John Button
1st Regiment York Militia

John Button according to his Upper Canada Land Petition dated 22 May 1798, “having been prevailed upon by his Relations” came to the Province on 6 Feb 1798. It is not known why he did not apply for UEL status but his loyalty to the crown was later proven. He did at this time request 200 acres of farm land in York. This was approved on 17 Nov 1801 having met the criteria “remains in the Province for 12 months or brings his family in”

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Alexander Thom
41st Regiment of Foot

Biography for Alexander Thom
Staff Surgeon
41st regiment of Foot (1775-1845)

Alexander Thom, born in Aberdeen, Scotland, on October 26, 1775, served in the War of 1812 with the 41st Regiment of Foot, of the British regular army.  Following the war, he remained in Upper Canada, in the newly-created Perth Military Settlement, to which he made a substantial contribution.  To quote one biographer:

“Alexander Thom was a force in assuring the survival and growth of the town (of Perth).”

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41st Regiment of Foot