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John Allen
New Brunswick Fencibles

John Allen was born in Wilmot, Nova Scotia on 17 June 1784.  He was the only son of Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Allen who commanded the 2nd Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers during the American Revolution.  After the war, he moved his family first to Nova Scotia and then to New Brunswick where he received a grant of 2,000 acres of land at Kingsclear, just north of Fredericton.

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New Brunswick Fencibles

Daniel Young
5th Regiment Lincoln Militia

Captain Daniel Young, 5th Lincoln Militia Regiment
By William (Bill) Young, UE (January 20 2015)

Captain Daniel Young was my 4th great-grandfather.

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5th Regiment Lincoln Militia

Peter Young
Flank Company
1st Regiment Essex Militia

Peter Young Biography by Bill Young UE (3rd great grandson of Peter), October 2014

Young, Peter
Reverend Daniel MacLean of Grace United Church, Caledonia and Major Mark Douglas of the Essex and Kent Scottish regiment (This regiment had its beginnings with the 1st Essex Flank Company that Peter served with during the War of 1812.

Peter Young was born 1784 in Waterloo Ferry (Fort Erie) and died on 21 October 1846 in Seneca Township, Haldimand County, Ontario.  He was the second child of Daniel Young (1749 Canajoharie, New York, 09 May 1835 Barton twp. Ont.) and Elizabeth (Windecker) Young (1763 Schoharie, New York, 08 Mar 1830 Barton twp. Ont.).

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Solomon Austin
2nd Regiment Norfolk Militia

Solomon Austin was originally from North Carolina. He was a private in the Queen’s Rangers and served all through the American Revolutionary War. On one occasion, at least, he exhibited conspicuous bravery. This was at the battle of the Horseshoe. The standard-bearer was killed and the flag fell to the ground and was in danger of being lost. Solomon Austin leaped forward, and grasping the standard bore it bravely till the close of the action. After the battle Major-General Simcoe inquired his name, praised him in public before the marshalled company, and gave him to understand that if he could ever be of service to him afterwards his bravery would not be forgotten.

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2nd Regiment Norfolk Militia

Phillip Wintemute3rd Regiment Lincoln Militia

Research compiled by the Heritage Arts Legacy of Fort Erie

In 1788 Peter and Eva Wintemute migrated from the Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania to Canada settling  along the Niagara River at Black Rock which was about three miles below Fort Erie.  Corporal Peter Wintemute was given a land grant for loyalty to the crown and his service to the King during the American Revolution.

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William Buck
3rd Regiment Lincoln Militia

William Buck, son of Philip Buck and Anna Marguerite Saultman, was born in 1788 in Bertie township, Lincoln County, Niagara.

His father Philip who was a native of Germany had been brought to America as an infant by his parents.  Philip Buck had settled on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania where had purchased land, had cleared 15 acres, had built a house, a barn and a barrack.

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3rd Regiment Lincoln Militia

William Phair
104th Regiment of Foot

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William Barry Phair was born on 17 March 1783 on Staten Island, Colony of New York.  His father, Lieutenant Andrew Phair, was an officer in Major General Benedict Arnold’s Loyal American Legion.  After the end of the Amercian Revolution, the family came to Fredericton, New Brunswick as Loyalists.  Andrew Phair held government appointments such as Deputy Barrack Master and Postmaster, both at Fredericton.

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104th Regiment of Foot