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Richard Hiscott
76th Regiment of Foot

Richard Hiscott was born in 1790 in Wiltshire, England. His application for a land grant shows that he was a weaver before he enlisted with the 76th Regiment of Foot in 1809 as a Private and retired from the same regiment having attained the rank of Sergeant in 1830 (National Archives in Kew, WO 97/874/28). During his service he participated as a member of 76th Regiment of Foot in the Peninsular War as part of Wellington’s Troops. In 1814 and after the British success against French troops in Spain the 76th Regiment of Foot was transferred to Canada (The Service of British Regiments in Canada and North America, Charles H. Stewart, Department of National Defence Library, 1926, Ottawa, p. 316). There Richard Hiscott with his Regiment participated in the closing stage of the War of 1812-1814 at the Battle of Plattsburgh. Following the war Richard Hiscott stayed in Niagara. After he retired from the army he successfully applied for a land grant for his 21 years of service in the British Army (National Archives in Kew, WO 97/874/28). Continue reading Richard Hiscott
76th Regiment of Foot

Thomas Bailey
15th (York East Riding)
Regiment of Foot

Bailey, Thomas, son of Philip Bailey and Jane Phillips, baptized 31 March 1792, at St. Tysilio’s Church, Parish of Sellack, near the village of Peterstow and the town of Ross, Herefordshire, England.

Thomas Bailey’s military record is available at the National Archives in London (WO 97/361/26); from it we know that he served in Canada with the 39th (Dorsetshire) Regiment of Foot during the War of 1812 at the Battle of Plattsburgh, and then with the 15th Regiment of Foot during times of civil unrest from 1827-40.

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