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Titus Williams
Flank Company
2nd Regiment Norfolk Militia

Colonel Titus Williams, born Long Island, 22 November, 1790, son of Captain Jonathan Williams, of the British Army. Received Ensign’s Commission in the 2nd Regiment Norfolk Militia. Volunteered on 27 June 1812, the day of the war’s outbreak, appointed Lieut., in Left Flank Company. Commanded a detachment of Norfolk men at Detroit. Became Captain and Adjutant of the 2nd Regiment Norfolk Militia at Detroit some time later. Was afterwards captured by Americans on Niagara River, sentenced to be executed, but was liberated in May, 1814. Immediately appointed Adjutant of the 4th Regiments Norfolk Militia and was at Lundy’s Lane. Then placed in command of the 103rd Regulars at Dover and Ryerse.

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Mass GraveOld Fort Erie

Research compiled by the Heritage Arts Legacy of Fort Erie

Fighting was intense during August and September 1814 when the Americans applied pressure and laid .   During those two months, 150 men lost their lives in battle and were buried on the grounds of the fort in a mass grave.

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