Important Information

  1. Before starting your application for a Graveside Marker, please use the “Search for a Vet” link to ensure that someone has not already filed an application for the same person.
  2. When completing your application for a Graveside Marker, we recommend that you keep in mind the spirit of this project. Our intent is to provide biographical information on the people that fought, either passively or aggressively, in the War of 1812 and that helped make this Country what it is today. To that end, we are looking for information about how they contributed to the creation of cities, town, hamlets, roads, societies, etc.
    While we recognize that there are many men and women that fought in the war, we are not here to provide a Graveside Marker for all the veterans of the war. This is not intended to be an differed honour. Instead, this database is hoped to be a collection of unique stories that breathe life into a defining part in Canadian history that is usable by to historians, students and the general public alike who are interested in discovering the who, what, when where and why parts of Canada are the way they are today.
    When submitting the biographical information in you application we request that you try to restrict it to 1600 words for a number of reasons…

    • To control the size of this database,
    • To ensure that the most relevent facts make it into the biography,
    • To keep the length of the biography readible to the casual visitor,
    • To keep the length of the submitted information viable for our panel to review,
    • To ensure that the applicant edits, very carefully, their information before submission.

    We feel that 1600 words is more than sufficient to make your point, however for those that feel they need more space we suggest that you include links to external references for the visitor to continue reading.

    Note that only the infomation in this database will be used for analysis and our panel will NOT visit your external references, so we suggest you ensure that the most relevant information is included in this biography.

  3. Applicants should be aware that your application is DATE and TIME stamped AUTOMATICALLY. This means that if you make a submission on April 1, and then add information to it on April 10, the date that you applied will be recorded as April 10.
    Only the most recent date and time will be used when deciding on the order of applicants for a Graveside Marker.
    This is done for a number of reasons:

    • to be fair to all applicants,
    • to prevent users from “parking” a name in hopes of finding the information to complete your application at a later time,
    • to allow the applicant to start an application and then return at a later time to complete it,
    • and finally, to allow our review panel to focus on complete applications.
  4. You may login and start working on an application, leave and return at a later date with more information. Your application will remain hidden to our review panel until you hit the “Publish” button. At that time, a notification will be sent to our review panel that your application is ready to be reviewed.
    If you DO NOT “Publish” your article, your application will never be submitted for review. This is your responsibility and cannot be changed.
    Additionally, you should be aware that there are five pieces of information that are required for an application that CANNOT be changed after you save it the first time. They are…

    • the Veteran’s First Name,
    • the Veteran’s Last Name,
    • the Location of the Veteran’s Gravesite,
    • the Province of the Veteran’s Gravesite,
    • the Country of the Veteran’s Gravesite.
  5. Many of the question boxes have information tips. These may be accessed by hovering your mouse over the box in quesion.
  6. This form is intended to be filled in on a computer with a modern browser. It is not guaranteed to work on any mobile or tablet platform and we recommend that you avoid their use. It requires you have cookies and JavaScript enabled.
  7. When filling in the application, use the TAB key to move to the next field.
  8. We DO NOT research your application. You are responsible for sourcing, properly referencing, uploading correct resolution supporting files, etc. We will post on our reference page recommendations for supporting documentation, but is the sole responsibility of you to complete the groundwork.
    Let us reiterate… we are not a research agency. If you lack the skills to properly provide the information for you application we recommend you contact a certified genealogist, historical consultant or archivist at your own cost. We will not respond to quesions on research. All the information we have regarding reference sources we share with you on the reference page.
  9. We recognize some 1812 Veterans may be buried outside Canada, however, this project is only open to Veterans that are interred WITHIN Canada at this time. The Applicant may be located outside of Canada, however, the Veteran must be buried within the recognized Canadian boundaries.