Francis Button
1st Regiment York Militia

Colonel Frances Button came to the Niagara Region of Upper Canada in February of 1798 according to his father, Major John Button’s Upper Canada Land Petition (1763-1865). John Button applied for and received 200 acres of land in York. This was approved on 17 Nov 1801. The family moved to the York/Markham area.

By 1812, Frances would have been 18 years of age having been born in 1794. According to the Militia Act of 1793 he would have been required to serve. His father, John Button in 1810 had received permission to raise the first Calvary Unit in Canada called the 1st York Light Dragoon Troop.

In Francis’s Upper Canada Land Petition (1763-1865) dated 1819, he states “that he served as a Cornet in Capt Buttons Troop of horse in the late war with the United States”. He did receive 100 acres of land for his service on 25 Feb 1819.

Francis Button received his Commission to “Cornet of the Dragoons in the 1st Regiment York Militia in the Home District” in July of 1818 by Samuel Smith. On 30 Nov 1831 he was commissioned to “Captain in the Troop of Calvary attached to the 1st Regiment of North York Militia” by Sir John Colborne.

I have no documentation to prove his rise to Colonel except that his headstone identifies him as “Colonel Frances Button.”

Button’s Troop remains in existence today. It has evolved over the years to become the Governor General’s Horse Guard Calvary Squadron.

Veteran Summary

Francis Button
Colonel, 1st Regiment York Millitia
Place of Birth
Unknown, NY, USA
Place of Death
Buttonville, ON, CAN
Died on: 17 OCT 1880
Reason: Unknown
Location of Grave
Buttonville Cemetery, 9171 Woodbine Ave
Buttonville, ON, CAN
Latitude: 43.86578N Longitude: -79.36156