Titus Simons
2nd Regiment York Militia

Community Life

  • editor & publisher of Canada’s first newspaper, The Upper Canada Gazette
  • built an industrial empire on the 2nd Conc consisting of a grist mill, a saw mill, ashery, cooperage, stables, hog pens, and 13 dwellings for his employees
  • helped found the Burlington Board of Agriculture
  • member of Masonic Lodge (Union Lodge #24)
  • laid the cornerstone of the Ancaster Free Church
  • was appointed the first Sheriff of the Gore District (Hamilton and its vicinity)

Military Life

  • was commissioned as Adjutant in the 1st Regiment Lincoln Militia
  • held the rank of Lieutenant in the 2nd Regiment Lincoln Militia
  • when war was declared in 1812 he  was Captain in the 2nd Regiment York Regiment
  • aided in the capture of the American Fort Niagara
  • commanded the volunteers and militia at Black Rock and Buffalo
  • appointed Major and was in command at Lundy’s Lane until wounded
  • Sir Peregrin Maitland wrote of Titus Geer Simon that he,

“served with active zeal and intelligence from the commencement of the war with the United States, his general character and conduct in the command of a Regiment of Militia highly respectable, and his loyalty and attachment to His Majesty’s Government undoubted.”

Veteran Summary

Titus Simons
Colonel, 2nd Regiment York Militia
Place of Birth
Enfield, CT, USA
Place of Death
West Flamborough, ON, CAN
Died on: 19 AUG 1829
Reason: Old Age
Location of Grave
Christ Church Flamborough Cemetery, 69 Victoria St.
Dundas, ON, CAN
Latitude: 43.270246N Longitude: -79.958141