William Park
2nd Regiment Norfolk Militia

Captain William Park served with the 2nd Regiment Norfolk Militia commanded by Major George Salmon.  On 13 Nov 1813 he attended a meeting at the home of William Dvokis [sp?] to organize a raid on marauders at Nanticoke and took part in the expedition against American banditti down the lake. (Source: PAC Microfilm #3173)

During McArthur’s raid in November 1814, he was taken prisoner by McArthur.  In a Statement of Losses sustained by Captain William Park of the 2nd Regiment Norfolk Militia  during the late war with the United States of America, he made oath that the sword and sash valued at £7-10-0 and the baggage at £3 were taken by the American Army under the command of Gen. McArthur on the 7th day of November, 1814, when he was made prisoner that day when on military duty as a Captain.  He was allowed £5 for his losses, half his claim. (The claim was dated September 16, 1815, and was sworn before JP Thomas Bowlby (his brother-in-law. Source: Department of Finance — Upper Canada: War of 1812. RG 19E 5 [A] Volume 3750. File 3)

Captain William Park also claimed for losses sustained for property taken by the enemy under the command of McArthur in 1814 — a rifle and word and wearing apparel £25-0-0 Provincial currency.  The claim was supported and certified by Thomas Bowlby. (Source:  PAC R.G. 19ES Volume 3750 Reel #T-1133).

He served with his Company in the War of 1912 against McArthur’s army.  He was captured and his coat taken from him.  He and Lt. Titus Williams, who married Park’s step-daughter Elizabeth Ayres McCollum, were officers of the British forces. (Source: Welland Tribune Print 1908, see 2nd Norfolk Militia p.85)

He was a millwright who came to Upper Canada 1796 to build mills.  He owned a tavern at Dover.  He was jailer at Vittoria and when court house burned, he moved to London and was jailer in the new court house.   His son Thomas Hunt Park succeeded him and was the jailer during Upper Canada rebellion when six rebels were hanged.

Thomas Hunt Park’s son-in-law was Elliot the sculptor who carved some family tombstones including the one Thomas ordered for Doan’s Hollow cemetery stating Wm Park donated the land for a burial ground.

Veteran Summary

William Park
Captain, 2nd Regiment Norfolk Militia
Place of Birth
Unknown, NJ, USA
Place of Death
Woodhouse Township, Norfolk County, ON, CAN
Died on: 14 SEP 1830
Reason: Old Age
Location of Grave
Doans Hollow, 407 Saint John's Rd E
Norfolk County, ON, CAN
Latitude: 42.804674N Longitude: -80.253732