Aaron Doan

Aaron Doan
2nd Regiment Lincoln Militia

Aaron Doan was born 1756 in Pennsylvania and died 2 August 1844 (88 years).  He is buried in the Doan Cemetery (Formally Steele Cemetery) Port Colborne.

Aaron Doan Aaron was one of the Tory Doans. He was arrested in 1784, condemned to death, essentially due to his loyalty to the King, but his sentence was later commuted to exile. From Prison 1784-1785, he wrote to the Governor of Pennsylvania, claiming he was absent during the crimes of which he was accused. Aaron came to Canada around 1788 and settled in Humberstone Township, near Port Colborne, Ontario.

20 August 1795 Aaron Doan, a settler for seven years, prays for 400 acres in Humberstone, including 60 acres of Con. 3 lots 15 and 16. Ordered 300 acres.

Aaron DoanDoan Cemetery (formally Steele Cemetery) is located on the north side of Second Concession Road, East of Miller Road on Lot 16 Concession 3, formally Humberstone Township, now in the City of Port Colborne. Lot 16 Conc 3 is part of the Original Crown Grant awarded to United Empire Loyalist Aaron Doan on 17 May 1802. Aaron Doan allotted a portion of this property for his family burying ground.

He fought in the War of 1812. The 3rd Regiment Lincoln Militia Muster Roll and Pay list Under Command of Captain Henry Buchner’s Company from 25 March to April 1813 inclusive. Private #12 Aaron Doan 20 April to 24 April 5 days 2 Shillings 6 pence
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Married to Rhoda Cook, Daughter of UEL Robert Cook,. She died 20 August 1820.

The had 11 children, one of which is Levi Doan. Father Joseph Sr married to Hester Vickers Lot 15 Conc 3 also Lot 16 Conc 3, 1802.

Veteran Summary

Aaron Doan
Gunner, 2nd Regiment Lincoln Militia
Place of Birth
Bucks County, PA, USA
Place of Death
Humberstone (Port Colbourne), ON, CAN
Died on: 02 AUG 1844
Reason: Old Age
Location of Grave
Doan Cemetery formally Steele Cemetery, 2146 Second Concession Rd
Port Colborne, ON, CAN
Latitude: 42.910288N Longitude: -79.190604