Henry Dell

Henry Dell
3rd Regiment Lincoln Militia

Early roads in Niagara followed the shores of the river and the banks of the Chippawa Creek, Lyons Creek and the Black Creek, therefore, the first areas settled were along these pioneer roads.

Henry Dell
Henry Dell

The first members of the Dell family arrived as early as 1786 and settled along the shores of the Lyon’s Creek in Willoughby Township. Subsequent years saw the arrival of more Dells.  In 1789 the last of the family settled in Niagara. They were  Basnett Dell Jr. his wife Anne and their three young sons Henry, Martin and Peter.

Henry Dell, eldest son of Basnett Dell Jr. and Ann DeFields, was born in 1784 in New Jersey and was just five years of age when the family migrated in 1789 to Niagara.  In his later years he told of his remembrances of that trek and of crossing the river at Fort Niagara.

In 1798 Basnett Dell Jr. received Crown Grant of 200 acres of land in Willoughby.

A total of 10 children were born to Basnett and Ann Dell.
Their eldest child Henry Dell married to Alohe Pettit some time prior to 1807.  Alohe was born c1788 in the U.S and according to some family researchers was reportedly the daughter of Amos Pettit and Hannah Smith.

In 1812 when war broke out Henry was married with three small children. The family were living in Willoughby Township, Welland County.

A total of eleven children were born to Henry and Alohe:

  • Robert Dell  born 27 Oct 1807 in Willoughby Township, Upper Canada
  • Obediah Dell born 1808 in Willoughby Township, Upper Canada
  • Laura Dell born 1810 in Willoughby Township, Upper Canada
  • Henry Dell born 1813
  • Amanda Dell born 5 Nov 1814 in Willoughby Township, Upper Canada
  • Homer Dell born 11 Feb 1817 in Willoughby Township, Upper Canada
  • James Dell born 4 July 1819 (twin)
  • John Dell born 4 July 1819  (twin)
  • William A Dell born 4 April 1822 in Stamford Township, Upper Canada
  • Edward Dell born 26 June 1824 in Willoughby Township, Upper Canada
  • Charlotte Dell born 14 May 1827 in Willoughby Township, Upper Canada

Henry Dell served throughout the war years as a Private in the 3rd Regiment Lincoln Militia firstly under Captain Henry Buchner and then later under Captain John Muirhead.  Henry served along with his brothers Martin and Peter as well as uncle Burris Dell.

Henry Dell
(left to right): Jerry Dell UE, Beverley Dell Jewson UE, Katherine Dell and son Ylan Garcia Dell, Larry Jewson, Sharon Dell and Garvin Dell.

Private Henry Dell’s military service is well documented in the National Archives digitized War of 1812 Upper Canada Returns, Nominal Rolls and Paylists RG918B7 Miken 183676 Reel T10386.  He served during all three years of the war.

Many many more of the Dell family are in these online nominal rolls and paylists. It appears that all of the extended Dell family from Willoughby served in this war.

The land claims petition of Private Henry Dell, 1st Flank Company 3rd Regiment Lincoln Militia, is further proof of  his war service. He applied for and received a land grant for serving six months or more during the war. As referenced in An Index of Land Claims Certificates of Upper Canada Militiamen who served in the War of 1812-1814 by Wilfred R. Lauber, Henry’s application can be found on pages 1376-1377 within file #25.

In A Century of Municipal History by Ernest Cruikshank, we find that Henry Dell was civically minded and served as assessor for Willoughby Township in 1817, 1822 and then again during the years 1824- 1830.

The Henry Dell family are listed by clerk Thomas Cummings in the 1823 Census of Willoughby Township. The household consists of 8 males and 3 females.

In 1851 Henry deeded 1 acre of land in Lot 8, Conc 6, Willoughby Township to the trustees for a Methodist Episcopal church to be known as Dell Chapel and cemetery.

Henry Dell’s will was dated 5 July 1859 and he passed away on 25 April 1864 at 81 years of age. His wife Alohe passed away in 16 January 1876 at the age of 88 years.  Both are buried in the Dell Cemetery on Reixinger Road in Chippawa, Ontario.

Family Links: Brother Peter Dell, Brother Martin DellUncle Burris Dell

Veteran Summary

Henry Dell
Private, 3rd Regiment Lincoln Militia
Place of Birth
Place of Death
Willoughby Township, ON, CAN
Died on: 23 APR 1864
Reason: Unknown
Location of Grave
Dell Cemetery, Rexinger Road
Chippawa, ON, CAN
Latitude: 43.037218N Longitude: -79.109514