John McDonald
Glengarry Light Infantry

John McDonald was living we believe in Westmeath township before 1830.

John was to have been a brother to Walter and William he lived on Conc 1, Lot 24 which was in the vicinity of Little Mud Lake, an area which was between the Muskrat River and Hwy 17.

We have many pages from the township papers for Westmeath Township showing the terrible ordeal John went through to have recieved his land grant.

John, it states, was born in Glengarry County he was to have been applying for his land grant in 1838 it says he was a yeoman and was in the district of Bathhurst as a Discharged Soldier of the Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles. He was applying for part of Conc 1, Lot 24 30 August 1838.

Also there was information found in the township papers which mentions John as giving up his paperwork to prove he was a war
vet of 1812 to recieve his grant but it stated his paperwork was lost.

Family Links: William McDonald, Walter McDonald

[Graveside Team ed — Cemetery GPS coordinates approximate as no definitive location given.]

Veteran Summary

John McDonald
Unknown, Glengarry Light Infantry
Place of Birth
Glengarry County, ON, CAN
Place of Death
Westmeath Township, ON, CAN
Died on: 25 DEC 1872
Reason: Old Age
Location of Grave
McDonald Burying Ground, Conc 1 Lot 18, Sutherland Road
Whitewater Township, ON, CAN
Latitude: 45.729635N Longitude: -76.994034