Jehiel Sliter
2nd Regiment Leeds Militia

Born in Vermont in 1795, Jehiel (Hiel) Sliter came with his family to Upper Canada where his father Nicholas Sliter was the collier at the Lansdowne Iron Works. In a personal memoir Hiel Sliter recounted his experiences during the War of 1812.

“In 1812 I enlisted in a Rifle Company and was called to Gananoque on duty shortly after Forsythe’s famous victory. A blockhouse was partly finished [and] I was appointed to take charge of it, with permission to select a comrade to assist me.  I selected a young man of good moral character and a good scholar. Our duty was to guard the place, keep two stoves going, keep the house dry and to close the door at evening and not to permit it to be opened till the morning drum beat.  I was anxious to learn arithmetic, and this was a good opportunity, as my comrade was competent to teach it, … we cleaned the top of the stove, and with a piece of chalk went at it. In the course of the winter I learned all the simple rules of arithmetic.

“A company started from Kingston in Canadian gunboats for the reinforcement of the army at Niagara, just before the battle of Bridgewater [Lundy’s Lane] and I was with them.  We had reached Toronto when we met two schooners bringing the wounded from the battle.  I assisted to get them into the hospital, horrified at first by the groans and shrieks of the wounded and dying, but after a few hours these feelings all left me and I could take hold of the wounded man with as little feeling as if he had been a beast. Soon after I was discharged and came home.”

Upon his return home Hiel Sliter married Anna Sweet with whom he had ten children. He was a trustee of the local Baptist church and served as a township councilor. Hiel Sliter d 12 April 1890.

Veteran Summary

Jehiel (Hiel) Sliter
Private, 2nd Regiment Leeds Militia
Place of Birth
Unknown, VT, USA
Place of Death
Sweets Corners, ON, CAN
Died on: 12 APR 1890
Reason: Old Age
Location of Grave
Lillies Baptist Cemetery, 344 Highway 15
Seeleys Bay, ON, CAN
Latitude: 44.491944N Longitude: -76.18889