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Thomas Ketcheson
1st Regiment Hastings Militia

Thomas was b 8 of March 1791 in Hay Bay, Upper Canada. His father (William) having done service under Colonel Carlton of the British in the Revolutionary War, instilled in the minds of his children principles of duty, patriotism, valor and virtue. He had two brothers that also enlisted, Elijah and Benjamin.

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1st Regiment Hastings Militia

William Ketcheson
1st Regiment Hastings Militia

William was b 21 September 1782, in Bedford New York. William was the oldest child of William Ketcheson and Mary Rull. When the war broke out in 1812, William along with three of his brothers (Thomas, Benjamin, Elijah) went to Kingston.

Served as an Ensign for the 1st Regiment Hastings Militia from 2 July 1812 and December 24 1812. Commanded by Captain Jacob Walden Meyers.

William then served as a Lieutenant for the same regiment from March 13th to July 24, 1813 then commanded by Col John Ferguson.

July 4th to the 4th of August, 1814, William was called to take charge of the same regiment till its dismissal.

In 1838 William was made Colonel of the 4th Regiment Hastings Militia after the Rebellion of 1837-1838.

After the wars, he was active in both township and city council meetings. His advice was always sought and highly appreciated.

In his early years he became a Christian and united with the Wesleyan Methodist Church.

[Graveside Team ed — Cemetery GPS coordinates approximate as no definitive location given.]