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Thomas Raymond
Royal Navy

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Thomas Raymond joined the Royal Navy on 17 August 1801 as a midshipman.  He served on HMS Rattlesnake (sloop, 6th rate, 16 guns) until April 1810 when he briefly served on HMS Courageux (ship of the line, 3rd rate, 74 guns).  In December 1810, he passed his Lieutenant’s examination.  Through his training, he qualified as a (Sailing) Master which meant that he was responsible for the ship’s navigation.  From 20 January 1812 to 23 March 1814, he served on HMS Comet (sloop, 6th rate, 18 guns).  He then transferred to HMS Niobe (frigate, 5th rate, 38 guns) as the Master and served on her from September to October 1814.  Niobe had been built as the French ship Diane and was captured by the British in 1800 off Malta.  Raymond’s last ship was HMS Menai (sloop, 6th rate, 26 guns).  He served on her as the Master from 15 October 1814 to 22 January 1817.  While it is not known where he served, it would be reasonable to think that his first years of service were with the Channel Fleet that was blockading Napoleonic France.  It appears that Niobe and Menai were employed in North American waters, most likely on convoy or anti-privateer duties.

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