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Mass GraveOld Fort Erie

Research compiled by the Heritage Arts Legacy of Fort Erie

Fighting was intense during August and September 1814 when the Americans applied pressure and laid .   During those two months, 150 men lost their lives in battle and were buried on the grounds of the fort in a mass grave.

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Joseph Legare (Legary)
Canadian Fencibles

By Bill Amell, author and gr-grandson

The British governors of Quebec were always suspicious of Yankee intentions after the American Revolution in 1776. Eventually, in 1803, a law was passed to enroll local militia, and a regiment with the peculiar name of “Embodied Militia” was formed at Quebec City in 1808. A young, bilingual fellow, Joseph Legare, age 18, was among the first recruits to join the colonial regiment.

The Library and Archives Canada provided a copy of a neatly-written payroll sheet, dated January 1813, two centuries ago, revealing Joseph Legare’s signature when he received his pay allowance. Between 1808 and 1813, Quartermaster Sergeant (QMSgt) Joseph Legare had risen through the ranks and was a staff member of the regiment. A few months later, the regiment was dispatched south of Montreal, and would help to defend the territory against an American invasion in October 1813 at the Battle of Chateauguay. Continue reading Joseph Legare (Legary)
Canadian Fencibles