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Barnett Vanderburgh
1st Regiment York Militia

Vanderburgh, Barnett aka Barnabas and Barney was born Dec 1786 at Poughkeepsie New York State,  United States to parents Peter H Vanderburgh and Neeltje Dutcher, who all became United Empire Loyalist.

On 18 July 1811 he married Hannah Soules daughter of UEL Daniel Soules and Achsah Elizabeth Hollingshead at Thornhill.

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David Bridgford
3rd Regiment York Militia

The Colonel was a prominent and colourful figure in the history of Richmond Hill.  Numerous references to him and his contributions to early society in Upper Canada have been found, particularly in the book, Early Days in Richmond Hill: A History of the Community to 1930 by Robert M. Stamp.

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3rd Regiment York Militia