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Lewis B Smith 2nd Regiment Lincoln Artillery

Gunner Lewis B. Smith

Lewis B SmithLewis B Smith born 10 Jun 1764 in Amwell, Sussex, New Jersey, USA and his wife Phoebe Huffman born 30 Sep 1772 , married in 1785, at Johnsonburg, New Jersey, U.S.A. Shortly there after, they headed to Upper Canada to escape persecution.

The family had been members of the New Jersey Volunteers, and had served consistently, for the British, during the American Revolution. During the War of 1812, Lewis was a Gunner in Captain Kerby’s, 2nd Regiment Lincoln Artillery. Lewis was died on 3 Dec 1812, at the Battle of Queenston Heights from Dysentery.

Lewis’s son, Matthias, was a private with the 5th Regiment Lincoln Militia, 1st Flank Company. He was killed at the Battle of Chippewa, two weeks after his father’s death.

The remaining sons of Lewis B Smith, named Henry Lewis, Jacob Lewis are also buried in Bowman Cemetery, and Lewis Smith Jr , survived and went on to serve in the Rebellion of 1837.

Lewis died of Dysentery in the War of 1812.

Mathew Haney
2nd Regiment Lincoln Artillery

Matthew Haney was born to Isaac and Mary Haney in Township #9 Nassau, the area that later became known as Thorold, Ontario.  His father had been a chain bearer during the August Jones survey in 1788 of Township #9, Nassau which was largely populated by Butler’s Rangers and those associated with them. Matthew’s parents were awarded crown patents on lots in Thorold where they had a mill. From 1798 to 1803, the family was frequently in York, and eventually settled on Lot 11 Concs 5 & 6 in Pelham sometime after 1803, while maintaining their milling interests in Thorold.

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2nd Regiment Lincoln Artillery

James Kerby, 2nd Regiment Lincoln Artillery

Kerby was a militia officer, businessman, Justice of the Peace, office holder, and politician; b 1785 at Park Farm near Sandwich (Windsor, Ont.), son of John Kerby and Alison Donaldson; m 1811 Jane Lambert, and they had three children; d 20 June 1854 at Fort Erie, Upper Canada.

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