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William Brown Bradley
104th Regiment of Foot

William Brown Bradley and his twin brother Lewis Turner
Bradley  were born in Savannah, Georgia c1771. Their father, Richard Bradley, died c1780-81. During the Revolutionary War he was employed by the  Commissariat, a non-uniformed civilian body. Their mother was Sarah Turner, daughter of Lewis and Jeston Turner of Whitemarsh Island, Georgia.

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104th Regiment of Foot

George Morehouse
New Brunswick Fencibles

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George Morehouse was the son of Daniel Morehouse of Queensbury, New Brunswick.  His father had been a sergeant-major and quartermaster of the Queens Rangers and received a Loyalist land grant following the American Revolution.  He later rose to the rank of major in the New Brunswick Militia and commanded the 2nd Battalion Carleton County Militia, headquartered at Woodstock, from 1810 to 1818.  Major Morehouse was instrumental in providing assistance to military activity along the upper Saint John River during the war.  Major Morehouse was charged with guiding men of the 104th (New Brunswick) Regiment of Foot to their post at Eel River in July 1812, and drilled the men of the 104th at that station in October of that year.  He was later mentioned in the spring of 1814 as having aided in the conveyance of seaman from the Maritimes to Canada, where they were to join the British squadron on Lake Ontario.  He also spent some time chasing a suspected American agent who was operating in the Woodstock area.

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New Brunswick Fencibles