Major Burritt
2nd Regiment of Grenville Militia

Major Burritt was born in Arlington, Vermont on 13 October 1775.  He was one of 12 children, and the youngest son, of Daniel Burritt, Sr. (1735-1827) and Sarah Collins (1733-1815) of Connecticut, later Vermont, and finally Augusta Township, Grenville County, Ontario.  Daniel Burritt Sr., a confirmed United Empire Loyalist, fought at the Battle of Saratoga when Major was just under two years of age.

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2nd Regiment of Grenville Militia

James Kerby, 2nd Regiment Lincoln Artillery

Kerby was a militia officer, businessman, Justice of the Peace, office holder, and politician; b 1785 at Park Farm near Sandwich (Windsor, Ont.), son of John Kerby and Alison Donaldson; m 1811 Jane Lambert, and they had three children; d 20 June 1854 at Fort Erie, Upper Canada.

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Alexander Fraser
49th (Hertfordshire)
Regiment of Foot

A son of Peter Fraser Sr. b 1789 in Fort Augustus, Invernesshire, Scotland. At age 18, he is a drummer in the 10th Royal Veteran Battalion, arriving in Quebec in 1807. Transferred to 49th Regiment of Foot in 1810 as Private. By 1813, he is a Sergeant, serving in the 49th Regiment of Foot, under General Vincent in the Niagara Frontier.

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49th (Hertfordshire)
Regiment of Foot

Titus Simons
2nd Regiment York Militia

Community Life

  • editor & publisher of Canada’s first newspaper, The Upper Canada Gazette
  • built an industrial empire on the 2nd Conc consisting of a grist mill, a saw mill, ashery, cooperage, stables, hog pens, and 13 dwellings for his employees
  • helped found the Burlington Board of Agriculture
  • member of Masonic Lodge (Union Lodge #24)
  • laid the cornerstone of the Ancaster Free Church
  • was appointed the first Sheriff of the Gore District (Hamilton and its vicinity)

Military Life

  • was commissioned as Adjutant in the 1st Regiment Lincoln Militia
  • held the rank of Lieutenant in the 2nd Regiment Lincoln Militia
  • when war was declared in 1812 he  was Captain in the 2nd Regiment York Regiment
  • aided in the capture of the American Fort Niagara
  • commanded the volunteers and militia at Black Rock and Buffalo
  • appointed Major and was in command at Lundy’s Lane until wounded
  • Sir Peregrin Maitland wrote of Titus Geer Simon that he,

“served with active zeal and intelligence from the commencement of the war with the United States, his general character and conduct in the command of a Regiment of Militia highly respectable, and his loyalty and attachment to His Majesty’s Government undoubted.”

Abraham Van Norman
2nd Regiment York Militia

Biographical information about Abraham Van Norman
compiled by W. R. Cummins June 17, 2013.

Ephraim Van Norman b PA 1762 married Betsy Minor about 1781 in PA; served in American army during the revolutionary period; had 6 children born in PA. Son Abram (sic Abraham Van Norman) was born at Beechwoods PA 1791, 14 miles from Delaware River.

Early Van Norman Genealogy by H. Van Norman Strohmer 1969 Detroit Michigan.

Abram VanNorman was born A.D. 1791 … on the top of the Allegheny Mountain, in Pennsylvania, 14 miles from the Delaware River, in a large two-story frame house, built by a Quaker in Philadelphia who owned the property. It was seven miles from any house in one direction, and six miles the other — on the only road traveled from Philadelphia to Canada. All the houses along this road were built for the accommodation of the traveling community, and were accordingly much larger than any private family required.

He (Abraham) was a volunteer in the war of 1811 (sic the United States declared war in 1812), and took part in the celebrated battle of Queenston, where, as in other engagements, the Indians rendered great service to the British cause.

A speech by Johnson Van Norman (son in-law of Abraham Van Norman) recorded by Rev. Alfred L. Andrews (1834-1919) a Wesleyan Methodist Minister, and published The Tilsonburg Observer, 14 Aug 1874.

Abraham’s birthplace was in Wallenpaupack Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Wallenpaupack is 20 miles east of Scranton near Hawley, Pennsylvania. Lake Wallenpaupack was formed by a dam constructed about 1927.

He is a cousin of Abner’s and son of Abram Van Norman. They used to live down here but they took a notion that they would do better at Dereham where their daughter Christiana lives. She married a Mr. Hogan. They have two children.

Catherine Bell Van Norman Her Diary 1850 (24 Jan 1850) Burlington Historical Society: Burlington, Ontario, Griffin, 1981.

Abram and Charity Van Norman moved to Dereham Forge (Tillsonburg) in Dereham Township, Oxford County, Canada West about 1848.

“We received a letter from Uncle Abram tonight. He says they are all well. They are living by themselves at last. Grandfather lives with them. He makes brooms. Uncle says Aunt Charity is as fat as a well fed porker. This is good news. Her eyes are much better. She had very sore eyes when they lived down here. They entertain a hope that Jonathan is going to settle himself there in Tilsonburg but I think they will be sadly mistaken for once.”

Catherine Bell Van Norman Her Diary 1850 (5 Feb 1850) Burlington Historical Society: Burlington, Ontario, Griffin, 1981.

  • Abraham Vannorman 61 male United States New Con Methodist plasterer
  • Charity Vannorman 56 female Canada West New Con Methodist
  • Mary Vannorman 26 female Canada West New Con Methodist
  • Hannah Vannorman 19 female Canada West New Con Methodist
  • Lovina Adams 9 female Canada West New Con Methodist
  • Geo. Foster 21 male Canada West New Con Methodist from North Oxford C. W.

1852 census Dereham Township, Oxford County, Canada West 261 page 13a, (25) lines 7-12.

  • Abraham Van Norman male 70 US NCMeth married baker in family
  • Charity Van Norman female 66 UC NCMeth married in family
  • James Hand male 26 England NCMeth single journeyman baker not in family
  • Eliz’th Campbell female 18 UC WesMeth single not in family
  • 1 family in a 1 1/2 storey frame house, near school teachers Harriet E. & Roxilana Van Norman
  • next door to 29 y/o Leonard & Mary C. Hogan
  • near 28 y/o Hannah E. Van Norman
  • near John & Roxilana Crooker

1861 census Dereham Township, Oxford County, Canada West district 3 number 7 page 54 lines 3-6 image 923.

  • Johnson Van Norman male 41 Ont NCMeth German married farmer
  • Hannah Van Norman female 38 Ont NCMeth German married
  • Bertha Van Norman female 16 Ont NCMeth German farmer
  • Hiram Van Norman male 14 Ont NCMeth German at school
  • Minnie Van Norman female 12 Ont NCMeth German at school
  • Benjamin A. Van Norman male 9 Ont NCMeth German at school
  • Chales M. Van Norman male 4 Ont NCMeth German
  • Abram Van Norman male 79 USA NCMeth German mason
  • Charity Van Norman female 75 Ont NCMeth German

1871 census South Oxford E.D., Norwich South Township, Oxford County, Ontario 13B1 on Apr 17 by H. Hught page 16 dwelling 44 household 50 lines 7-15 image 9/89.

Abraham Van Norman male Methodist gentleman born Pensylvania (sic Pennsylvania), United States of America died 2 Nov 1879 aged 88 years of natural decay through old age certified by Dr. Sinclair informed by Hannah E. Van Norman of South Norwich. “Particulars sent by letter of this death by Hannah E. Van Norman. ”

Death registered 26 Dec 1879 by John Cooper, divisional registrar, South Norwich Township, Oxford County, Ontario # 010870.

Died: Vannorman. At Glen Norman, South Norwich on the third inst., Abraham Van Norman in the 89th year of his age. Mr. Van Norman was one of the first settlers in the township of Nelson, Co. of Halton and was amongst the first to take up arms in defence of his adopted country when it was invaded by the United States army in 1812. He fought bravely in several hot battles particularly at Chippewa, Lundy’s Lane and Queenston Heights.

The struggle ended and peace declared, he returned to his home and friends, a pardonable flush of pride on his brow in that he had done his duty bravely and faithfully for the protection of the property and lives of those he loved.

He came to Tillsonburg about the year 1848, since when he led a peaceful, industrious, and exemplary life; was a useful citizen, a faithful friend, a loving husband, and tender parent, esteemed by all. Relatives, friends and neighbours always had his hearty good will and sympathy.

After many hard struggles, many years of life’s cares, and a few of its highest pleasures, our aged friend has passed away to the home beyond the river.

The funeral sermon will be preached on Sunday next at 10:30 a. m. in the C. M. Church by Rev. D. Savage.

The Tillsonburg Observer, Friday 7 Nov 1879, page 1, column 3.
Abraham & Charity Van Norman
Abram Van Norman

William Horricks
6th (1st Warwickshire)
Regiment of Foot

Born December 18, 1789 near Manchester, Lancashire, England, in January 1807, at the age of 18, William Henry Horricks enlisted in the British Army as a Private in the 6th Regiment of Foot.  In army records his surname is also spelled Horrocks and Horrax. From April of that year through June 1808 he served garrison duty at Gibraltar then, that summer, became part of a force landed at Mondego Bay, Portugal, joining the command of Sir Arthur Wellesley (later Duke of Wellington).

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6th (1st Warwickshire)
Regiment of Foot