Family Relation?

If this Veteran is related to another on the site, please add a line at the bottom of the biography that says “Family Links: <name of the other family member here>.”

When we review the application will will add the link to the other family members.

GPS Coordinates

Is intended for the location of the plaque and burial site. They can be found as follows…

The process is simple…

Go to either or; zoom into a level of detail where you can see the location; right click on the location.

In Google, from the menu select “what’s here” and the coordinates will appear in the address bar; in bing the coordinates will appear by the cursor. The will both be in the decimal format “44.787444, -79.926237” representing Latitude first and Longitude second (although you’re numbers will be different). It is okay to round the decimals to 5 or 6 positions however DO NOT remove the negative sign on Longitude.

If for some reason you have position in degrees, minutes and seconds, you must first convert to decimal to the format above. This can be done at the website Convert to Decimal and then enter the coordinates, including negative sign, in the appropriate boxes.

Last Rank Attained

Originally this was meant to indicate the last rank attained during the War of 1812. However it’s become clear that many Veterans when up and down in rank, not just during, but before and afterwards. We’ll leave it to you to decide what rank should be included in this line but request that you explain in the biography.

Last Regiment, Unit or Faction

Similar to “Last Rank,” it’s become obvious that many men moved around and moved Regiments. We leave it to your discretion and the bio to explain however request that you use the format 104th (New Brunswick) Regiment of Foot. Not 104th, or 104th Regiment of Foot since they were accurately the first example.

Likewise with militia units, 1st Regiment Lincoln Militia instead of 1st Regiment of the Lincoln Militia, or 1st Lincoln Militia, or 1st Regiment of Lincoln, etc.

By keeping the naming consistent, the units are more easily cross-referenced.

Report to Officer, Name and Rank

Has been removed. Instead, include this information within the biography


Hip-Hip-Horay! the word count has been removed from the biography. While we believe that the biography should not be a reproduction of a book, we request that you keep it to a readable number of words.


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