How To Apply

Brief overview

  1. You must create an account in order to make an Application. That is the ONLY reason that you require an account.
  2. Using this website, you fill in an application for a Graveside Marker providing all the information, as best as your research has uncovered. During this period you can “save as draft” and your work will be saved.
  3. Once you’re satisfied that your application is complete, you hit te button “Submit for Review” and email to any supporting documention that is required to substantiate and verify your application.
  4. Our review panel reviews your application and deems it “approved” or “denied.”
  5. If your application is Approved,
    • you will receive an email congratulating you,
    • we will provide you a delivery cost for the plaque.
    • You will then be responsible to arrange the press coverage as per your agreement, advise us through email, and provide pictures of the event by emailing them to
  6. If your application was denied,
    • you will receive an email along with the reasons as to why it was denied.

Detailed Procedure

  1. Before starting your application for a Graveside Marker, please review the list of Veterans already listed on the “List of Veterans” page to ensure that you’re not duplicating already completed work.
  2. Ensure that you read and understand the purpose for this site as outlined in the “Important Information.”
  3. You may start and subsequently return to an application as long as you like, however the minimum amount of required information to save an application is the Veteran’s First and Last name, Location of Burial site, Province and Country (which at this time is only Canada) and GPS locations of the gravesite.
  4. Be sure that you have all your documentation assembled prior to submitting for review.
  5. Supporting documentation files must,
    • be PDF format ONLY and not exceeding 3 Mb in size.
    • You may have as many pages in each file as you like, but the file size may not exceed 3 Mb total.
    • You may send up to three files.
    • Be sure to use the “optimize” option.
    • Files must be named (using the veteran’s name “LastnameFirstname-01.pdf” and file names are CaSe SeNsiTive.
  6. Once you have submitted your supporting documentation and the application it will be locked from further changes by you so be sure you are done with it.
  7. Our review panel will assess the information you have submitted and make a decision as outlined in the “Brief Overview” above.
  8. If your application is approved, as per the terms and conditions, you must,
    • Arrange a press release for the plaque,
    • Provide payment for the shipping of the plaque,
    • Return at least three colour digital photos. Please include caption of who and/or what is happening in the photo. This help[s to build a better page for your Veteran.
    • Photos should be named “LastnameFirstname-01.” ¬†Again, file names are CaSe SenSiTive.
  9. If your application is denied,
    • the application will once again be edited by you from your Posts. You are free to fill in the missing information.