John Beriah Tree
Oxford Militia

Veterans of the war of 1812 gathered in Woodstock in 1875 to get their pensions and John B Tree was at that time 92 years old and stated that he had served at Dover, Turkey Point and at the repulse at  Turkey River near Malden.

His Obituary stated that he also was among the soldiers with Brock at the surrender of Hull at Detroit. His last engagement was when the late Gen Scott, then Capt Scott was made a prisoner after the battle of Lundy’s Lane.

He is on the list of Pensioners approved to receive a pension. He settled in East Zorra township, and died at the residence of his son Daniel R Tree.

He is on the 1812 assessment of Oxford County and settled on Lot 19 Conc 1, East Oxford in 1813.

He was married to Elizabeth and they had at least six children. His second wife was Rachel Burgess.

Commanding Officer: Captain Hammond Lawrence

[Graveside Team ed — Cemetery GPS coordinates approximate as no definitive location given.]

Veteran Summary

John Beriah Tree
Private, Oxford Militia
Place of Birth
Unknown, NY, USA
Place of Death
Woodstock, ON, CAN
Died on: 01 MAR 1880
Reason: Old Age (day not known)
Location of Grave
Baptist Cemetery, Vansittart Ave
Woodstock, ON, CAN
Latitude: 43.141113N Longitude: -80.765867