Thomas Ketcheson
1st Regiment Hastings Militia

Thomas was b 8 of March 1791 in Hay Bay, Upper Canada. His father (William) having done service under Colonel Carlton of the British in the Revolutionary War, instilled in the minds of his children principles of duty, patriotism, valor and virtue. He had two brothers that also enlisted, Elijah and Benjamin.

Thomas enlisted in July of 1812 and served initially as an Ensign then as a Sergeant with the 1st Regiment Hastings Militia under the command of Captain Jacob Myers until 24 Dec 24 1812. Later he was rewarded of his abilities and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of the Hastings Militia.

In 1814 he married an adopted daughter of Captain Gilbert Harris. They had 11 children. Being United Empire Loyalists, they worked their life on the land which was granted to them. Thomas passed away at the age of 85.

Much of this information is from the Ketcheson Family Book.

Veteran Summary

Thomas Ketcheson
Lieutenant Colonel, 1st Regiment Hastings Militia
Place of Birth
Hay Bay, ON, CAN
Place of Death
Belleville, ON, CAN
Died on: 15 FEB 1876
Reason: Old Age
Location of Grave
Belleville Cemetery, Dundas Street
Belleville, ON, CAN
Latitude: 44.141947N Longitude: -77.419427