Mathew Haney
2nd Regiment Lincoln Artillery

Matthew Haney was born to Isaac and Mary Haney in Township #9 Nassau, the area that later became known as Thorold, Ontario.  His father had been a chain bearer during the August Jones survey in 1788 of Township #9, Nassau which was largely populated by Butler’s Rangers and those associated with them. Matthew’s parents were awarded crown patents on lots in Thorold where they had a mill. From 1798 to 1803, the family was frequently in York, and eventually settled on Lot 11 Concs 5 & 6 in Pelham sometime after 1803, while maintaining their milling interests in Thorold.

Matthew Haney entered in the 2nd Regiment Lincoln Militia as a Private but appears to have been quickly promoted. He is listed as a Gunner on 24 August 1812 of page 33 of the list of the Lincoln Militia compiled by David Hemming in 2012 at the Niagara Historical Society Museum.  The 2nd Regiment Lincoln Artillery sustained some of the heaviest causalities of the War of 1812 and holds the Battle Honors of Detroit, Queenston, and Niagara.

Matthew’s certificate of service (Certificate B #1474) was signed by both Captain James Kirby and Colonel Thomas Clark and certifies Matthew as a Gunner in the 1st Company, 2nd Regiment Lincoln  Artillery. This was a special company of ten men that were Captain Kerby’s own personal six pound Grassenhoppen cannon crew.

During the time Mathew served with this company, Kerby’s cannon engaged the American Artillery, 13th October 1812, at the Battle of Queenston Heights from its position at Fort Chippawa. They were also engaged in the shelling the American brigs Caledonia and Adams. The Adams ran aground and burnt under heavy fire from Kerby’s cannonade. They were also instrumental in retaking of the redan via St. David’s Road with the rest of the 2nd & 3rd Lincoln Militia under General Clark.

By 1814, Matthew had been promoted to 3rd Sergeant in Captain John DeCew’s Company. The payroll list for the DeCew Company of the 2nd Lincoln (RG9, IB7, Vol 22) clearly shows that Mathew was serving as a 3rd Sergeant during the period in which the Battle of Chippewa was fought. Two of Matthew’s younger brothers, James and Leonard served as Privates in the DeCew’s Company with Matthew.  The 2nd Lincoln saw its biggest causalities at this battle but the three Haney brothers (Mathew, James and Leonard) survived. On Wednesday, 10 August 1814, The Times of London, published a letter dated 10 July 1814 in which Major General Drummond wrote that the 2nd Lincoln distinguished themselves in their brave and valiant efforts at Chippewa. Major General P. Riall, wrote in an account in The Times, dated 6 July 1814 and published 10 August 1814 that the 2nd Lincoln fought side by side with British regulars and that he personally owned them a sincere debt of gratitude.

After the Battle of Chippewa, the remaining 2nd Lincoln was absorbed into the Incorporated Militia.  One the 26th of July 1814, Lt General Drummond wrote a letter of thanks the members of the Incorporated Militia, which included members of the 2nd Lincoln Militia, for their steadfastness, gallantry, and discipline at Lundy’s Lane in an account published in the The Pennsylvania Gazette on the 24 August 1814 and later in the Times.

After the war, Matthew took over much of the family’s business interests, particularly the mills in Thorold and lived in that community.  He married Anna Maynes, the daughter of George Maynes and Phoebe Outhouse, and the granddaughter of Nicholas Outhouse. Their children included Phoebe Haney, the wife of George Brooks, Mary Ann Haney, the wife of Samuel Swayze, Dr. Mathew F Haney, Justice of the Peace and former Reeve in Humberstone, Dr. Henry R. Haney who served as a coroner and MP of the Monk 2nd Riding. Three of his sons, William, James, and Stephen Haney were instrumental in the construction of the Welland Canal and the development of Dunnville, Ontario. His other children include Isaac Smith Haney, Eliza Jane Haney, the wife of George Zavitz, and Sarah Elizabeth Haney the wife of Joseph Priestman. Matthew died 10 June 1854, and was buried in Hillside cemetery in Pelham; his wife lived until 1878 when she died in Port Colburne.  Most of his descendants continue to live in Ontario, and the western provinces of Canada today.

Veteran Summary

Mathew Haney
Sergeant, 2nd Regiment Lincoln Artillery
Place of Birth
Thorold, ON, CAN
Place of Death
Thorold, ON, CAN
Died on: 18 JUN 1852
Reason: Unknown
Location of Grave
Hillside Cemetery, Cemetery, Lot 21
Ridgeville, Pelham Township, ON, CAN
Latitude: 43.05012N Longitude: -79.34959