Levi Doan

Levi Doan
3rd Regiment Lincoln Militia

Levi Doan b April 26th 1791 in Humberstone (Now Port Colborne) Ontario. Died 11 December 1884. Married about 1816 to Anna Ramey (b 1789 d 1877) . They had two Sons and six daughters.

Levi DoanLevi is the eldest son of Aaron Doan UEL and Rhoda Cook Doan. His father Aaron is famous/infamous as one of the Doan Outlaws of Bucks County Pennsylvania, but in reality, Loyal to the King, was banished from the US to Canada, namely Humberstone Ontario and for his heroic deeds given a land grant and the title, United Empire Loyalist.

Levi DoanLevi was a farmer and called to war in 1812 at 21 years of age. His service:

  •  25 Sept-24 Oct 1812, 30 days, 15 shillings, Private. Commanding Officer, Major Henry Warren
  • 25 Oct-24 Nov 1812, 31 days, 15 shillings, Private. Commanding Officer, Major Henry Warren
  • 25 Nov-24 Dec 1812, On list but no pay. Presumably on furlough. Commanding Officer, Major Henry Warren
  • 22 Sept-24 Sept 1813, 3 days,  1 shilling 6 pence, Private. Commanding Officer, Captain Shubael Park
  • 10 May-24 May 1814, 15 days, £1, Sergeant Levi Done (Note spelling as Done and not Doan and Payroll records attached to this application show same but can be proven its Levi Doan). He was employed in the Engineer’s Dept. in Fort  Erie. Commanding Officer, Captain John Baxter
  • 20 June-2 July 1814, 13 days, 17 shillings 4 pence, Sergeant Levi Done. On duty at Fort Erie, Chippawa, and Else Where. Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel John Warren
  • 1820 Land Claim Award, 6 months of service verified from 26 June to 26 Dec 1812 by Lieutenant William Powell
  • 1875 Pension $20, age 84, Living in Humberstone Twp., Welland Co.

Veteran Summary

Levi Doan
Sergeant, 3rd Regiment Lincoln Militia
Place of Birth
Bucks County, PA, USA
Place of Death
Humberstone (Port Colbourne), ON, CAN
Died on: 11 DEC 1884
Reason: Stroke
Location of Grave
Doan Cemetery formally Steele Cemetery, 2146 Second Concession Rd
Port Colborne (formerly Humberstone), ON, CAN
Latitude: 42.910288N Longitude: -79.190604