John Purvis Lawrason
Flank Company
2nd Regiment York Militia

The Lawrason family originated in Western Europe and came to Long Island New York in the 1600s, and later migrated to New Jersey in 1709.  Miller Lawrason was born in New Jersey, and was one of five children of a Patriot family that remained loyal to the British.  They joined a number of other families, 46 in total and left the United States in 1787 for what was then known as Canada West.  They reached the Niagara area in July of that year but most of the land in this area was already claimed by veterans of Butler’s Rangers.  They continued on until they reached the 40 Mile Creek in what today is known as Grimsby.  The called their new settlement “The Forty.”Lawrason and his wife Elizabeth homesteaded this area and when the War of 1812 broke out,  all men between the age of 16 to 60 were required to join the Militia and Miller Lawrason along with his two sons John Purvis and Thomas joined.

John was 19 when he joined the Militia and became a Private in the 2nd Flank Company under Captain Hector S. McKay.  In 1813 he was promoted to Sergeant and later to Captain after the war ended in 1826.

On 29 Apr 1820, John Lawrason was awarded a land claim of 100 acres on the East Half of Lot 18, Conc. 3, Eramosa Twp.  He filed the claim as a Private under Captain Applegarth’s Flank Company of the 2nd Regiment York Militia although it is unknown why he didn’t file the claim as a Sergeant.

Like his parents Miller and Elizabeth Lawrason, John was buried in the St. George Cemetery upon his passing on 4 Feb 1865 at the age of 72.


Veteran Summary

John Lawrason
Captain , 2nd York Militia
Place of Birth
Grimsby , Ontario, Canada
Place of Death
St. George, South Dumfries, CAN
Died on: 04 FEB 1865
Reason: Old age
Location of Grave
St. George Cemetery, 257 St. George Road
St. George, ON, CAN
Latitude: 43.2538N Longitude: -80.2568