Benjamin Vanatter
4th Regiment Lincoln Militia

Benjamin Vanatter/Van Etten came with his family to the Niagara region in about 1800.

During the War of 1812, he was a gunner in the 4th Regiment Lincoln Militia Artillery along with his future father-in-law, Jerry (Jere) Kentner.  He received a Crown land grant of 100 acres in Caledon in 1832.  He sold this property in 1834 and was encouraged to move to Erin Township, by his 1st Father-in-law, Jerry Kentner.

Benjamin Vanatter married Mary Kentner in 1821.  They had five children but Mary died in childbirth on 19 Mar 1831.  The child (Christopher) survived.  Benjamin remarried in 26 Sep 1831 to Mary Havens.  Witnesses for the second marriage were Mary Kentner’s father and brother.

Is listed on the headstone of his wife Mary.

Veteran Summary

Benjamin Vanatter / Van Etten
Private, 4th Regiment Lincoln Militia Artillery, Powell's Company
Place of Birth
Kingston, New York, USA
Place of Death
Erin Township, Wellington County, Ontario, CAN
Died on: 24 NOV 1865
Reason: Natural causes
Location of Grave
Ballinafad Cemetary, 9386 Halton/Erin Townline
Erin Township, ON, CAN
Latitude: 43.6959N Longitude: -80.0131