John C Ryckman
Flank Company
5th Regiment Lincoln Militia

John Cornelius Ryckman was born at Schnectady, New York State, USA in 1795, the son of Cornelis Janse Ryckman and Margarita Grietje Bradt.  John’s mother, “Margaret” was the daughter of UE Loyalist Captain Arent Bradt of Butler’s Rangers.

In 1795, Cornelis and Margaret joined her parents in Niagara, first settling near St. Catharines, moving west to Ryckman’s Corners near Hamilton.  It appears Cornelis and Margaret separated at some point and evidence of that is found in Upper Canada Land Petitions, 7 July 1796, Petition No. 71…

“Margaret Ryckman states that she is a daughter of a Loyalist and that her husband Cornelius Ryckman received two hundred acres in the 8th township, that the late Land Board granted her 100 acres family lands. She has been separated from her husband for a length of time in consequence of ill usage and now understanding that he intends to dispose of said lot, prays to have it confirmed to her and her son Cornelius C. Ryckman.”

Following the separation, it appears Margaret moved back east with children Cornelius C, Maria and John C, to be closer to her family.   Cornelis Sr, died in 1815 at Ryckman’s Corners.

John Ryckman served as a Private in Captain Samuel Hatt’s Flank Company 5th Regiment Lincoln Militia throughout the War of 1812-14.  His service is well-documented in the 1812 Upper Canada Returns, Nominal Rolls and Paylists, RG 9 1B7.

By 1825 John had settled on the north half Lot 23 Conc 1, Township of Yarmouth, District of London.  He married Mary Lincoln, the daughter of Lemuel Lincoln and Isabella Chase.  Mary was born in the US in 1806.  John and Mary had at least ten children:

  • William, b1823, d1898, unmarried
  • Isaac, b1825, d1882, m 1. Nancy Wismer m 2.  Lucinda Jane Grass
  • Amanda, b1826, d1914, m. Joseph Lincoln
  • Walter, b. 1830, d1921, m Martha Hodginson
  • Lester, b. 1833, d1891, m Sarah Young
  • Elizabeth A., b1836, d1882, m Noah Mann
  • John, b1837, d1923, m Elizabeth Braddon
  • Joseph, b1843, d1925, m Mary Jane Doolittle
  • George Albert, b1850, d1925, m Cecelia Jane Dangerfield
  • Melissa Ann, b1851, d1920, m Edward Parker

John died 9 Sept 1867 and was buried at Sparta South Cemetery, in Yarmouth Twp, Elgin County.  Mary lived until 1879 and was buried with John.

Veteran Summary

John C. Ryckman
Private, 5th Regiment Lincoln Militia
Place of Birth
Schnectady, New York State, USA
Place of Death
Yarmouth Twp., Elgin County, Ontario, CAN
Died on: 09 SEP 1867
Location of Grave
Sparta South Cemetery, 5777 Quaker Road
Sparta, ON, CAN
Latitude: 42.69457N Longitude: -81.07929