John Stoneburgh
1st Regiment Prince Edward Militia

John Stoneburgh was born c1788 into a family with Loyalist roots in lower New York and Bergen County New Jersey. He was the eldest son of Loyalist Peter Stoneburgh Sr. and Hannah Nix.  John was  also the grandson of Loyalist Harmanus Nix Sr.  who died during the Revolutionary War while serving in the New Jersey Volunteers.

For a time after the Revolutionary War the family lived in New Brunswick.  About 1805 they relocated to Upper Canada in the Carrying Place area.  John married Eva Mikel also with Loyalist roots. During the War of 1812 Peter Sr. and his sons assisted the British by transporting goods, but several also did duty in the Militia.

John served in Captain Owen Richard’s Company 1st Prince Edward Militia.  Only John has a surviving marker at Carrying Place and he died 1 July 1871.  It’s also worth mentioning the parents Peter Sr. died in 1844 in his nineties, and Hannah about one-hundred in 1869.  Unfortunately they have no marker.

Veteran Summary

John Stoneburgh
Private, 1st Regiment Prince Edward Militia
Place of Birth
, New Brunswick, Canada
Place of Death
Ameliasburgh Township, Prince Edward County, Ontario, CAN
Died on: 01 JUL 1871
Reason: Unknown
Location of Grave
Carrying Place Cemetery , 21744-21858 Loyalist Parkway.
Carrying Place, ON, CAN
Latitude: 44.050002N Longitude: -77.586307