William Jay
41st Regiment of Foot

William Jay was a native of England, born c1777 and served in the well known 41st Regiment of Foot.

He was among the various veterans who received land grants in Murray Township, Northumberland County after the War. He acquired  the West Half of Lot 13, Concession B in 1820 although he was residing in the Township as early as 1816.  His grave marker is a bit unusual in that it notes that he was survived by a son and a daughter.

Veteran Summary

William Jay
Corporal, 41st Regiment of Foot
Place of Birth
, , England
Place of Death
Murray Township Northumberland County, Upper Canada (Ontario) Newcastle District, CAN
Died on: 17 FEB 1830
Reason: Unknown
Location of Grave
Carrying Place Cemetery , 21744-21858 Loyalist Parkway.
Carrying Place, ON, CAN
Latitude: 44.050002N Longitude: -77.586307