The New Graveside Project Site

Welcome to our new site. All the information that was on the old site is on this one. Anyone that had an account with an application, either in the works, or completed, has an account already set up here. You’ll shortly receive your new username and password, but it will take some time as this is not an automatic process. If you require immediate access, please email the web administrator.

This new site has some distinct advantages and we recommend you view the tutorials located on the left side menu under “Video Tutorials.”

We’re currently in the process of formatting each and every application to match style of the site INCLUDING GPS coordinates is taking some time and at this point there are 126 published, 172 pending formatting (that on this website were already published), and 7 drafts that various users are still working on. We’ll get them all up as fast as possible and if you have an urgent need, please email the web administrator.

The reason for this change is to create a system that is more robust, easier to read and use, and quite honestly, more interesting to visit and see what is new. Additionally, we’ve removed the word limit to biographies as well as the number of photos you can submit to the site. Please take the time to properly identify the folks in your photos as they will be captioned.

We hope you like the new look and feel. This change will make the site easier to find on google as well as make it available on every sized screen, including phones.


Graveside Project Team