Mass Grave, Old Fort Erie

Mass GraveOld Fort Erie

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Fighting was intense during August and September 1814 when the Americans applied pressure and laid .   During those two months, 150 men lost their lives in battle and were buried on the grounds of the fort in a mass grave.

Mass Grave, Old Fort ErieMounted on the cairn marking their resting place is a plaque that reads “In Memory of the Officers and seamen of the Royal Navy, Officers and non-commissioned Officers and Privates of the Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers, Royal Marines, 1st  Royal Scots, 19th Light Dragoons, 6th, 8th (Kings), 41st, 82nd, 89th, 103rd, 104th, and DeWatteville’s Regiments, The Glengarry Light Infantry and the Incorporated Militia who fell during the siege of Fort Erie – August and September 1814”.

Mass Grave, Old Fort ErieInside the fort, another plaque was placed recording the names of the officers who died and were buried there.  Their names, ranks and regiments are as follows:

  • Colonel Hercules Scott, 103rd Regiment of Foot
  • Lt. Col. William Drummond, 104th (New Brunswick) Regiment of Foot
  • Lt. Col. John Gordon, Royal Scots
  • Captain R. D. Patteson, 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers)
  • Captain Torrens, 8th The (King’s Royal Irish) Light Dragoons
  • Captain J. M. Wright, 82nd (Prince of Wale’s Volunteers) Regiment of Foot
  • Captain E. D. Walker, Incorporated Militia
  • Lieut. Copples Radcliffe, Royal Navy
  • Lieut. Noel, Royal Scots
  • Lieut.  J. Rutledge, Royal Scots
  • Lieut. Barstow, 8th The (King’s Royal Irish) Light Dragoons
  • Lieut. Pellichody, DeWatteville’s Regiments
  • Ensign E. Langford, 82nd (Prince of Wale’s Volunteers) Regiment of Foot

The other 137 men are unidentified.

Veteran Summary

Old Fort Erie Mass Grave
Various, Various
Place of Birth
Unknown, Unknown, CAN
Place of Death
Fort Erie, Lincoln County, ON, CAN
Died on: 01 AUG 1814
Reason: Battle during August & September 1814
Location of Grave
Mass Grave, Lakeshore Road
Fort Erie (Ridgemount), ON, CAN
Latitude: 42.893208N Longitude: -78.924031