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War of 1812 Veteran

Jacob Hess 5th Regiment Lincoln Militia

Jacob Hess tombstone

Jacob Hess, 15 Nov 1766- 7 Oct 1823, was a member of one of the first families to settle on Hamilton Mountain. Jacob’s father Michael (1740-1804) and his wife Charity, originally called Gertrude, (1744-1808), descendants of Palatinate immigrants, moved with their children to Canada from Mt. Bethel, PA, USA in May 1789 because of increasing fear of persecution for their loyalty to Britain.

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Henry Bulbeck 8th Regiment of Foot

Henry Bulbeck was born in England before 6 Jan 1788 and joined the Sussex Militia on 7 Feb 1804. After his five years of service with the Sussex Militia was completed, he subsequently joined the British Army, 8th Regiment of Foot, 2nd Battalion on 7 Apr 1809.

Henry was first stationed in Jersey, Channel Islands under Commanding Officer Colonel Ralph Dundas.  After returning to England the 2nd Battalion sailed to Halifax, Nova Scotia on 6 Aug 1810 arriving on 2 Oct 1810 onboard the HMS Regulus and HMS Diadem.

By March 1813 the 2nd Battalion was located in St. John, New Brunswick.   About 25 Feb 1814, Henry’s 2nd Battalion traveled to Fort Chambly, Quebec using snowshoes, a distance of approximately 900 kilometres, along the “Grand Communications Route”.   

Next Henry was stationed at St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Quebec as a staging point for the engagement with the Americans in Sept 1814 in Plattsburg, New York State, under Commanding Officer Colonel Edward Stevens.

This battle was also known as the Battle of Lake Champlain.  Henry was under the ultimate command of Lieutenant-General Sir George Prévost, the Commander-in-Chief in Canada and Governor General of the Canadas.

After the order to retreat was given on 11 Sept 1814, the troops moved north to La Prairie, Quebec.  Henry Bulbeck recovered in hospital in Montreal, Quebec in early 1815 before returning to England by 26 Oct 1815.

He was discharged from the British Army in December 1815.  Henry’s whole British Army career was spent with the 2nd Battalion of the 8th Regiment of Foot.

After his marriage to Jane Rose on 21 Jul 1816 at The Church of St. Nicholas of Myra in Brighthelmstone, Sussex, England, they came to Canada in late summer 1818 and took up a homestead in Goulbourn Township , W1/2 of Lot 6, Conc 2, given as payment for service in the British Army.  After selling the land sometime in the 1820s, Henry, Jane and their family lived in Marlborough Township, Upper Canada (Later called Canada West) until about the mid 1850s.

Henry and Jane Belbeck moved to Bruce County, Canada West, where Henry applied for possession of Lot 24, Conc A, Brant, Bruce County, Canada West on 15 May 1854.  His son Henry James Belbeck and family and his daughter Eliza Belbeck Young and family moved to the Cargill, Bruce County area shortly before or shortly after his death in November 1856.

Henry Bulbeck, also Belbick, and later Belbeck, is believed to be the first person buried in the Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery.  His gravestone is located quite close to the Townline road between Greenock and Brant Townships, on the south side of the village of Cargill, Bruce, Ontario, Canada.

What is special about Henry Bulbeck’s story is that he came to Canada three times. First in 1810; then in 1814 and finally in 1818.

His numerous descendants are now located across Canada, United States and even in Australia.

Benjamin Preston
Three Rivers Militia

Benjamin Preston's marker at Stockdale Cem., Quinte West. photo by P Johnson
Benjamin Preston’s marker at Stockdale Cem., Quinte West. photo by P Johnson

Benjamin Bailey Preston was born c1796 in Prince Edward County, ON. He was the son of Isaac Preston and Jemima Allen who arrived in Canada from NH no later than 1795, but were not Loyalists. It is thought Isaac served on the Rebel side during the Revolutionary War, but Benjamin was loyal during the War of 1812.
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Three Rivers Militia

David Bastedo 2nd Regiment Lincoln Militia

David Tice Bastedo is the son of Jacob Bastedo UE and Clarissa Jean Van Slyke.  David was born on 12 Mar 1769 near Schenectady, NY.  During the American Revolution and while still a teenager David joined his uncle, Capt Gilbert Tice, at Fort Niagara and later Newark where he served as a scout with Butler’s Rangers during the last year of the war.

Following the war he married Elizabeth McMicking, daughter of Peter McMicking UE and settled at Stamford, Ont.   David joined the 2nd Regiment Lincoln Militia and served as an Ensign until his promotion to Lt by Pres Andrew Grant in May of 1806.

David was again promoted to Captain a month after the start of the War of 1812 and assigned to a Flank Company during the war.  David served in that capacity until he resigned his commission in October, 1814.

Following the end of the War of 1812, David and Elizabeth sold their land holdings at Stamford and by the early 1820’s had relocated to Flamborough East where they lived out their remaining years.  David died in 1834 and is buried at Waterdown Union Cemetery, Waterdown, ON  along with his wife.

David’s middle name came from his Uncle, Gilbert Tice, whom David was very close to. David’s mother’s sister, Christina Van Slyke was married to Gilbert Tice, a well known Loyalist Officer. He was in Butler’s Rangers, a well known Loyalist unit. He is officially listed on The Old United Empire Loyalists’ List, Appendix B, p265 as Captain Gilbert Tice.

He is listed also on Page 136 of the List as being the Uncle of David Bastedo. They came to Canada together in 1783-84. David was only 14 years old at the time.

In 1796, David Bastedo married Elizabeth McMicking. Elizabeth’s father, Peter McMicking is also listed on the Old United Empire Loyalist List Appendix B, p228 as a Captain in Butler’s Rangers.

Peter McMicking knew David even in his youth. Peter was a fellow officer in Butler’s Rangers with David’s Uncle Gilbert Tice during the war.

David Tice Bastedo, is buried at the Waterdown Union Municipal Cemetery — Ref#HM-209.

John Kelly
1st Flank Company
5th Regiment Lincoln Militia

Private John KellyJohn was born about 1775, to Jonathan Kelly and Elizabeth Shaver. He died 19 Jun  1839,  and is buried at Bowman United Church Cemetery in Ancaster Twp. During the War of 1812, John Kelly served as a Private, in the 5th Regiment Lincoln Militia.

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Henry Hagle Jr
5th Regiment Lincoln Militia

Henry Jr was born in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada 16 November 1795 and died 19 October 1836. He was the son of Henry Hagle Sr 1753-1834 and Hannah Christina Miner 1762-1826.

Sergeant Henry Hagle, JrHenry along with his brother Luke and father fought in the 5th Regiment Lincoln Militia.

Henry’s father, Henry Sr settled at Ancaster in the spring of 1795, and later bought Lot 50 Conc 4 Ancaster from Jacob Bowman.

They heard from their father, Henry Hagle (1753-1834), that the Hagle family, after the reformation, had moved from Wurttemberg, a State in southern Germany, north to Hanover. When the agents of William Penn scoured Europe for Yeomen and tradesman to settle the State of Pennsylvania in the early 1700’s, one Henry Hagle, at the age of 14, came to America and lived for a while in Philadelphia. He had several children who where raised in New Jersey. During the American Revolution, a son, Jasper, while a prisoner-of-war at Valley Forge was poisoned by the rebels, so it was said.

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5th Regiment Lincoln Militia

Luke Hagle
5th Regiment Lincoln Militia

Luke was born in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, 30 Nov 1796. He died 8 Apr 1845 in Ancaster, Ontario, and is buried in Bowman Cemetery, with his father and brother.

Private Luke HagleLuke married 31 Oct 1837 to Ellen Ralston.

Luke along with his brother, Henry Jr and his father, Henry Sr fought in the 5th Regiment Lincoln Militia.

Luke’s father, Henry, settled at Ancaster in the spring of 1795 and later bought Lot 50 Conc 4 Ancaster from Jacob Bowman.

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5th Regiment Lincoln Militia

Henry Lewis Smith
2nd Flank Company
5th Regiment Lincoln Militia

Private Henry Lewis Smith

Henry Lewis SmithHenry Lewis Smith was born 28 Jul 1786, in Sussex County, New Jersey, and died 18 Apr 1859. He married in 1808 Elizabeth Vandecar, daughter of Alexander Vandecar, United Empire Loyalist, born 11 Apr 1789, died 11 Mar 1863. His family had been members of the New Jersey Volunteers, and had served consistently for the British during the American Revolution. Henry died April 1859 in his 72nd year.

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2nd Flank Company
5th Regiment Lincoln Militia